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So, this evening Serious was being a bit disrespectful - ignoring and talking back when we told her to do something, generally being really tense and touchy. We had had some discussion about her possibly going to live with her mom one day (she brought it up as if it were a done deal) and maybe it was related. Or maybe she’s just 3. 

Anyway, she sassed herself right into a time out when she hit her sister and then shrieked at me when I intervened. 

When I put her in time out she shrieked some more, really high pitched squeals that just make you sure the neighbors are going to wonder what kind of torture chamber you are running. Then she started yelling at me. “I. AM. GOING. TO. HIT. YOU!!!!” I ignored it, of course. So she upped the ante. And shouted, loudly and slowly:





I had to just walk away and laugh my face off.

  • 18 June 2013
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